Newsflash Plus

Newsflash Plus is a free Usenet binary Newsreader that offers fast browsing and full download control. It has several built-in useful tools and an embedded Python engine. With Python they can make Newsflash freely expandable with their own scripts, contains their own download manager and offers among other things bookmarks, search by RegEx as well as an integration possibility of own software. It's optimized for speed and performance, handles large amounts of data gracefully, and provides maximum throughput. The desired Newsgroups can be searched and selected.

Below you will find an overview of the most important features of the Newsflash Plus client:

    • Supported operating systems: Windows (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10), Linux (Ubuntu)
    • Available languages: 1 (English)
    • Security: SSL support integrated
    • Download Help:
      • Automatic repair function for PAR2
      • Server management system for multiple accessdata
      • Parallel server connections and TCP connections
      • Downloads with maximum bandwidth
    • Particularities:
      • NZB import
      • Newsgroups favorites management
      • Python support
      • RSS Feed Support
      • Integrated Quick Search (RegEx and Normal) and instant download
      • Extended Download Manager
      • Tool integration for e.g. WinRar, Media Player, Audio Player, Image Viewer
    • Aktuelle Version:     4.2.0
    • Webseite:     Hier
    • Download & Supportlinks:


    • Version:     3.5.0