HolmeZ -Recommendation-

HolmeZ is an easy-to-use and slim Usenet-Newsreader, which is available for Windows and Android. A version for Mac is currently not available.

HolmeZ provides innovative features

Using the newsreader-client, users access more than 100,000 newsgroups and using leading technology search-indexes: the "NZB Index" and the "Atimto Search Index". The structured and filtered search function makes it easier to discover desired content, messages, groups of files, videos and pictures. More effective search results are available to users by creating favored newsgroups. Because the software is compatible with all Usenet providers, publishers reach their audience and expand their community. Users are allowed to use different providers at the same time and they flexibly switch between multiple accounts. HolmeZ makes it possible to specify download settings individually and to create desired directories for file downloads. The download wizard provides a repair- and unpack-function, as well as archiving management and support for PAR2-fileformats with forward-error-correction of digital data. High security requirements are met by 256-bit SSL-encryption, which encrypts and securely transmits personal information. The client can be used on Windows operating systems, mobile devices and smartphones. German and English versions are available for free download.

    • Supported operating-systems: Windows (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10) and Android
    • Available languages: 2 (English, German)
    • Security: SSL-encryption
    • Download Help:
      • Automatic unpacking and repair of archives
      • Automatic PAR2-support for incomplete downloads
    • Particularities:
      • File preview for pictures and videos
      • Comment- and evaluation-function
      • Newsgroups favorites-management
      • Integrated Download-Assistant with One-Click Download
      • Free
      • NZB Import / Export
      • Convenient search function with 3 search engines/index services: "Atimto Usenet Index", "NZBIndex" and "NewZBee"


    • ATTENTION! Since 08.04.2019 the further development of the free program HolmeZ has been discontinued, the website is no longer available. To continue to use HolmeZ without a license message, either set the date of the computer to a time before 08.04.2019 or use the online version (see below). Helpful in the conversion of time is the program RunAsDate here: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/run_as_date.html
    • Current version: (No longer developed by the developers)
    • APP-Download for Android: Here
    • Online-Version (without Software, click on Login > down on other provider > then enter server & access data from MSned):
      Restriction only 1 search engine / index service "NewZBee" (therefore our recommendation applies to the software):    
    • Quick-Start-Guide with your MSned-Credentials: Here
    • Download & Supportlinks:


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