Quickpar - Repair broken Archives with PAR-Files

With the free tool Quickpar and matching Parity-Files, you can repair faulty files and archives. If, for example, a CRC-Error has crept in when downloading from Usenet and Winrar does not open and unpack the archives, these files are usually not "lost". If the upload contains matching Par-Files, the archives can be salvaged and repaired in most cases. For this you need the tool Quickpar, which you can download here. In addition to the tool and the actual archives, you also need matching Par2-Files, which are available in most cases.

1. Install Quickpar and download Par2-Files

If you have not yet downloaded the NZB-File including Par- & Par2-Files then download the appropriate Par2-Files for your content. The Recovery-Files always have the file extension *.par2.

2. Open Quickpar and check archives

Open Quickpar by double-clicking on the program icon and click on "Open" in the lower left corner. The archives as well as the Par2-Files are now checked, there are 3 different symbols:

  • Green icon  => File is intact
  • Yellow icon => File is broken and needs to be repaired
  • Red icon    => File missing but with enough Par-Files even missing Files can be restored!


Quickpar Fenster


After checking the archives, there are 3 status messages:

  • Repair not required    => You do not have to do anything, the archives are intact
  • Still need x/x blocks => There are not enough Par2-Files, check if you have downloaded all available Par-Files
  • Ready to be restored with x/x recovery blocks => The archives can now be repaired


Quickpar Reparatur


If you have enough Par-Files and the 3rd status occurs, you can have the archives fully automatically repaired by clicking on "Repair". If the repair was successful, the message "Successfully repaired in x seconds @ x MB/s" appears in the status window - you can now unpack the archives as normal.


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