• You do not have a Paypal-Account yet?

Set up an account for free. Just use our friendship-link .

  • The Paypal payment did not work out - what can I do?

You may have made a mistake when entering your payment details or access data at Paypal. Please try again to order a package.

Another possibility ... the Paypal payment servers are down, best try again later.

For Paypal internal errors, contact Paypal-Customer-Service or the 0800-7234500 hotline.
If an MSned internal error occurs, please contact our Support, with an error description or screenshots.

  • I have problems after paying with Paypal.

If you have not received an invoice-email regarding your Paypal-payment and/or the 2. email with your access-data,
please contact our Support.

  • I have a package with a term of several months - can I pay monthly?

Your advantage with a multi-month package is a price saving of up to 80%. This results from lower processing fees and any quantity discounts compared to a monthly charge. Since we want to pass this benefit on to you 1:1, monthly payments on multi-month packages are not possible.

  • Are there other payment options instead of Paypal?

Yeso, at the moment we only offer the payment via Paypal. This offers: Transfer from bank account, Paypal credit or credit card. However, we make an exception if there are problems with Paypal eg a conflict and thus your account temporarily be locked you can also pay with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. For this, please contact with subject "Billing" the contact form.

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