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The Usenet is similar in construction to a large bulletin board where every user can leave messages on a variety of topics. Every day thousands of messages and content come together, which are bundled in so-called newsgroups. Each newsgroup deals with a different topic. In order to structure this huge amount of data clearly, the Usenet is hierarchically structured. The majority of all newsgroups are the parent hierarchies "comp. *", "Soc. *", "Sci. *", "Humanities. *", "Misc. *", "News. *", "Rec. *" And "Old. *" Subordinate. The name of the individual newsgroups usually indicates their content.


Newsgroup hierarchy
old. alt., "alternative" - ​​discussion on all topics
comp. comp., "computer" - computer subjects
humanities. humanities., culture and humanities
misc. misc., "miscellaneous" - different topics
news. news., discussions about the Usenet itself
rec. rec., "recreational" - leisure and recreation; art
sci. sci., "science" - science and technology
soc. soc., "social" - Social topics
talk. talk., general talks; Religion and politics

Particularly noteworthy is the group "alt. *", According to her is usually the most sought after. On this platform, all sorts of topics are treated and the most diverse files, so-called binaries exchanged. This is where the diversity of the Usenet is particularly evident, as in "alt. *" A truly completely free exchange of all information and content can take place. Further information about the download from the Usenet can be found in the section Newsserver!

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