A special idea makes MSned unique!

It started in the year 2007, since I myself was actively involved in the Usenet life 10 years ago and was able to enthuse me enormously. At some point friends and family members showed interest and asked me if Usenet also had block tariffs Limit download volume or go without expensive monthly subscriptions? Finally, I found international companies that offered me minivan contracts for a small number of Usenet accesses and was allowed to sell them on specific terms. For me the quality, the safety, the price and the customer satisfaction stood foremost. Still in the year 2007 got the info on the Internet and it got around quickly. The amount of required access to Usenet increased steadily every year and I was looking for better quality and more attractively priced deals, also increased the performance of the news server providers to the delight of my customers. Then in 2012 I decided to offer Usenet accesses and the name MSned was born.


MSned uses the infrastructure of the largest international server provider with 30 server farms and multiple 10Gbps PoP (Point of Presence) in Europe, US East Coast, US West Coast, South America, Asia and Australia. Rising tendency!


The quality and security speaks for itself the largest redundant backbone in the world with the name "Rolling Thunder Network".



This Usenet Premium Account beats all Usenet Providers known to date!
Take a look for yourself ...

+ Retention of Binaries: up to 3574 days (9-10 years!)
+ Retention of Text: unlimited
+ Optimum coverage of over 99.9%
+ Number of uncensored Newsgroups: 107,000+
+ Uncensored Newsgroup-Servers in USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia
+ 30 server farms worldwide with rising tendency
+ Access with 256-Bit-SSL-Encryption
+ Flexible Packages tailored to your Internet-Connection
+ No usage-restrictions, no subscriptions
+ Non-Volume Accounts (no Blockrates)
+ Full Downloadspeed
+ Prepaid Usenet Flatrate
+ TOP-Newsreaders like HolmeZ
+ 10 months Access from 25 euros!
+ Paypal™ accepted: Yes
+ Paypal directdebit in UK / EU / USA
+ Immediate invoice by email directly to Paypalpayment automatically
+ Your Accessdata come with 2nd eMail

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