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    Huge Infrastructure!

    MSned uses the Infrastructure of the largest international
    Server-Provider with 30 Serverfarms and multiple 10Gbps PoP
    (Point of Presence) and that in Europe, US-East-Coast,
    US-West-Coast, South-America, Asia and Australia.

    Quality has a Name!

    The Quality and Safety speaks for itself the largest
    redundant Backbone in the World named

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    This Usenet-Premium-Access beats all Usenet-Providers known to date!

    Retention of Binaries: up to 4152 days (11-12 years)
    Retention of Text: unlimited
    Optimum Coverage of over 99.9%
    Number of uncensored Newsgroups: 107,000+
    Uncensored Newsgroup-Servers in USA, South-America, Europe, Asia, Australia
    Access with 256-bit SSL-Encryption
  • MSned-Gold Access V1-V20*

    No Usage-Limitations, no Subscriptions

    Accounts without Volume-Limitations (no Block-Rates)

    Prepaid Usenet-Flatrate

    Download-Speed up to 200 MBit/sec for all Customers who have DSL/VDSL or Cable

    Duration of Access 10 months from 25 Euros (2.50 Euros per month)

    Flexible Packages tailored to your Internet-Connection

    Immediate-Access directly after Payment

    Access-Data via eMail

    Paypal™ accepts: Yes

    Paypal direct debit in UK/EU/USA

  • Customer-Support

    Your Questions are important to us and we try to solve it together!
    We have 4 Ways for you to Contact us...

    Quick Emergency Help - FAQ

    Help via eMail (Contactform)

    Quick Help via Private-Chat in Telegram-Messenger (App)

    Live-News via MSned-Channel in Telegram-Messenger (App)

  •   Recommended Newsreader-Clients

      In the Newsreader-Section you download one of the Access-Software.
      We recommend HolmeZ (All-in-One Newsreader).

      is a reliable, simple Client that has 2 Features, it is Multiserver capable
      (allows different Accesses) and has 3 Searchservers integrated.

      is also a reliable Client and is Multiserver capable (but no Searchservers)

      Power NZB
      is a binary Usenet-Client for Android. A complete Solution for finding and
      downloading Binary-Content directly to your Android device.

      is a free MacOSX Client for Usenet, developed by Panic Software.
      It supports the download of Binaries (including NZB-Support),
      Groupsearch and Segmentation and also Errorchecking.

      is a Utility that uses the PAR- or PAR2-Algorithm,
      to collect and save recovery-information about files.

      We recommend the fast Atimto-Searchserver for Contentsearch in Usenet
      you will find them in HolmeZ.

  • Personal Login-Area & Customer-Account

    Here you can check your Package-Orders, Access-Data, Package-Terms and additional Information.

    Like, you are not yet registered? Simply register under Registration as a new Customer!

If you do not know which Package is right for you go to the Package-Overview on Productpackages there you will find some examples and further access with more connections.


€ 2,5 p.M.
  • 1 Connection to the Server
  • 10 Mbit/sec Speed
  • Access limited to 10 months


€ 3,0 p.M.
  • 2 Connection to the Server
  • 20 Mbit/sec Speed
  • Access limited to 10 months


€ 3,5 p.M.
  • 3 Connection to the Server
  • 30 Mbit/sec Speed
  • Access limited to 10 months


€ 4,0 p.M.
  • 4 Connection to the Server
  • 40 Mbit/sec Speed
  • Access limited to 10 months


€ 4,5 p.M.
  • 5 Connection to the Server
  • 50 Mbit/sec Speed
  • Access limited to 10 months


€ 5,0 p.M.
  • 6 Connection to the Server
  • 60 Mbit/sec Speed
  • Access limited to 10 months


€ 5,5 p.M.
  • 7 Connection to the Server
  • 70 Mbit/sec Speed
  • Access limited to 10 months


€ 6,0 p.M.
  • 8 Connection to the Server
  • 80 Mbit/sec Speed
  • Access limited to 10 months


€ 6,5 p.M.
  • 9 Connection to the Server
  • 90 Mbit/sec Speed
  • Access limited to 10 months


€ 7,0 p.M.
  • 10 Connection to the Server
  • 100 Mbit/sec Speed
  • Access limited to 10 months

FAQ - The most important topics here ...


What is USENET?

The history of Usenet and how it was created in 1979.


How do I reach the support?

Our support can be reached 24 hours a day by e-mail or by using the contact form. In addition, for quick help, you can also use your smartphone.


How does the registration work?

Exact explanation from registration to payment.


How can I renew/update my package?

Information on how to upgrade an already activated package.


My download/access is slow or not at all, what can I do?

How to solve speed or access problems can be found here.


Payment options/-problems?

Help with bank transfer, credit card or Paypalcredit or problems with payment?

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